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Historians are debating about the reason which caused the collapse of once powerful Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and publish numerous studies and articles dedicated to this issue. Though we cannot cover this question in full, we’ll try to show a tip of the iceberg. The collapse was caused by the frustrating economy ran in the country for long decades.

These events are described in the photo exhibition named the Post-Soviet Apocalypse. The collection contains the comments and opinions of the renowned authors, political scientists, priests, economists and military officers.

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afishaParticipants of an expedition organized by our Fund have visited several dozen of convents around Ukraine to create a collection for Female Image of Orthodoxy photo exhibition.


Usually the nuns’ life is concealed from sight of the laity. Parishioners see only the results of versatile activities of these hard-working women. Having been blessed by metropolitan all-Ukraine Vladimir we have taken photos and now through this photo collection all people can go backstage to find out a bit more about nuns’ life.


So, what do the brides of Christ do except praying? A lot of things!.. 

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