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ICAMOVIES SHOOTINGFilms about humanism, Child Upbringing and Human Values
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Films about humanism, Child Upbringing and Human Values


The International Charitable Organization "Fund for Support of Science, Culture and Sports Development" initiates the creation of International Social-Educational Program «Films about humanism, Child Upbringing and Human Values".

Within the program in 2017-2021, it is planned to create several full-length and short films in different languages: "Flying around the corner", "Parasites", "Galactic alien letter", "Temporal evacuators", "Anti -saviour", "Left in the car" "Disabled".



The educational role of cinema in the life of the modern generation

The issues related to the formation of the media culture of modern children and young people, the development of tastes, interests, and needs of the child in the field of cinema and television, are of concern to many adults.
The role of cinema in the upbringing of the younger generation is undoubtedly very significant, since it is of great importance on what films are young people brought up today, what moral examples children see from the big screen, what are the issues that are relevant for modern cinema that are interesting not only for educators , parents or social workers, but also for the whole society in general.

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