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Children-Writers for Children-Readers. Literature for Education and Development of Children

Within the program in 2017-2019, it is planned to publish several books in different languages, the first from the series: the scientific and educational book about upbringing of the children "Revelations of the Obedient Child" and fiction "Adventures of Kumbres and Gamsters. Returners of the Treasures».


Our writers are


Sonya Daniels


Maria Dushkina


Kirill Karyachka


 Our authors and main advisers of International Social-Educational Program "Children-Writers for Children-Readers. Literature for Education and Development of Children".


Hennadiy Avlasenko, the Republic of Belarus, Member of Union of Writers of the Republic of Belarus


Starchenko Nataliia, Ukraine


Misik Vitalii, Ukraine



Nos Oleksii, Ukraine


Volodymyr Kovalchuk, Ukraine


There are several purposes for creation of the International Social and Educational program "Children-Writers for Children-Readers. Literature for Education, Training and Development of Children": the upbringing of children and the participation of children in the upbringing of children, namely, self-education. It sounds unusual, do you agree?

Have the children written the books earlier? Certainly, they have! Have the children written about upbringing the children and for children? No, this experiment is being conducted for the first time.



The book for the child is the powerful mean of upbringing: it promotes the development of the children's love for humanity, nature, and commitment to work, brings up love for the native language, awakens children's imagination, and causes children's play. The book is a brilliant mean of upbringing the moral qualities of a child.



The content of the books makes the children feel the empathy to the hero, whom they love. Empathy is the right way to bring up the best qualities in children. Building his understanding of what he heard in the process of reading, the kid creates his own ideas, his images, comes to the realization of reality and his place in it. And even if this does not happen, the very fact of the connection with the book through listening in the circle of its peers or in the family raises the kid to the different level of emotional sensations and knowledge, the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil.




According to Goethe, reading books has the purpose of teaching, in other words - enriching the mind and heart with treasures collected by the genius of mankind. Getting under the power of the printed word, the child is accustomed to think. The books give an opportunity to raise the love of folk art from the early years, to recognize great writers, to love them and, after leaving the preschool age, to keep friendship with them in school.

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